Macy’s and liberal Mayors

Macy’s is relocating because two of their stores in downtown Chicago were ransacked while Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and rioters said that their desire for reparations drove them to loot the stores. Chicago's liberal mayor did little. Also looted were Gucci, Tiffany, Best Buy, Nordstroms, Saks, Apple; to name a few. When violent protests... Continue Reading →

Why do they riot?

I’ve railed about rioting before but this time I’m boiling over! This was MY city, my playground, and in a short period of time several blocks of Chicago were looted, reduced to rubble. How do people lose so much control that they loot? Don’t they know right from wrong? The basics about right and wrong... Continue Reading →

More cries: defund the police!

Today, I heard more 'defund the police' cries; I still can't wrap my head around the concept. Anyone with a brain bigger than an amoeba would understand that we need a way to keep order, we need a way to enforce the law, and we need a way to make sure the establishment rules. Alternatively,... Continue Reading →

We Will Get Through This

This criticism of President Trump is relentless and more than unkind. Our Constitution says that our leader serves for 4-8 years  unless not voted back into office after 4 years. Senseless criticism of our leader is tearing this nation apart; not his actions. President Trump held up a Bible in front of the iconic St.... Continue Reading →

Active duty military?

When do you say "Enough is enough?  You've had more than enough time to make your point, though in my mind and in the mind of many others, the fact that you didn't have the discipline to stay within the bounds of civility tells me alot about your commitment to your cause." How much looting,... Continue Reading →

Defund the Police?

I won't post the horrific video of a homeless CA man who was attacked by a cyclist who threw flammable liquid and lit his lighter.  And there is talk of defunding the police? I'm on the VOT (verge of tears) seeing my city, many cities in the country where residents are now victimized by crime:... Continue Reading →

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