Macy’s and liberal Mayors

Macy’s is relocating because two of their stores in downtown Chicago were ransacked while Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and rioters said that their desire for reparations drove them to loot the stores. Chicago's liberal mayor did little. Also looted were Gucci, Tiffany, Best Buy, Nordstroms, Saks, Apple; to name a few. When violent protests... Continue Reading →

Why do they riot?

I’ve railed about rioting before but this time I’m boiling over! This was MY city, my playground, and in a short period of time several blocks of Chicago were looted, reduced to rubble. How do people lose so much control that they loot? Don’t they know right from wrong? The basics about right and wrong... Continue Reading →

Harris/Biden Positions?

Finally, Joe Biden chose a Vice Presidential running mate: Kamala Harris is a Democratic US Senator from CA. The following is a brief summary of some of Biden/Harris' positions: TAXES Joe Biden has made no secret that if elected, he would raise taxes focusing on the wealthy. His plan would also raise taxes on the middle... Continue Reading →

Roger Stone is a FREE MAN!

Roger Stone's sentence has been commuted! A  long-time friend and confidant of President Trump, Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison on 7 felony counts that arose from the failed Mueller investigation into Russian collusion, in a sentence to begin next Tuesday. The appeals court judge, an anti-Trump person herself, was well-aware that the... Continue Reading →

Police Brutality?

The Chicago mom weeps over the lifeless body of her 3 yr-old, accidentally shot when he was caught in the crossfire of mid-summer gang wars. That child was one of 3 innocent children who died in crossfire and it’s still 9 o’clock. Police brutality? No. NYC gangs lit Brooklyn, NY. on fire and in our nation’s... Continue Reading →

Are People Crazy?

A flurry of emotions surround sane Americans when they heard of the mom who wept over the lifeless body of her 3 yr-old, caught in the crossfire of summer-time gang wars in Chicago's projects.  We are further numbed when gangs lit Brooklyn on fire and in our nation's capital, thugs aim to topple the Emancipation... Continue Reading →

‘Defund the Police;’ Accurate?

You heard a college-wide alert: because of city-wide sexual attacks, women on campus are advised to be on the alert for potential sexual predators. Fast forward to Saturday night when you woke up to muffled footsteps on the stairs in the middle of the night. "That's strange," because your building is home to a bunch... Continue Reading →

More cries: defund the police!

Today, I heard more 'defund the police' cries; I still can't wrap my head around the concept. Anyone with a brain bigger than an amoeba would understand that we need a way to keep order, we need a way to enforce the law, and we need a way to make sure the establishment rules. Alternatively,... Continue Reading →

We Will Get Through This

This criticism of President Trump is relentless and more than unkind. Our Constitution says that our leader serves for 4-8 years  unless not voted back into office after 4 years. Senseless criticism of our leader is tearing this nation apart; not his actions. President Trump held up a Bible in front of the iconic St.... Continue Reading →

Active duty military?

When do you say "Enough is enough?  You've had more than enough time to make your point, though in my mind and in the mind of many others, the fact that you didn't have the discipline to stay within the bounds of civility tells me alot about your commitment to your cause." How much looting,... Continue Reading →

Defund the Police?

I won't post the horrific video of a homeless CA man who was attacked by a cyclist who threw flammable liquid and lit his lighter.  And there is talk of defunding the police? I'm on the VOT (verge of tears) seeing my city, many cities in the country where residents are now victimized by crime:... Continue Reading →

Police Brutality

I just read of a white man who was killed by excessive force; police pinned him to the ground for 13 minutes as they held a knee to his back. All the while they mocked him. For 13 minutes they did this and laughed, they mocked him? We all know of George Floyd who recently... Continue Reading →

Crossfire Hurriciane

I'm just tuning into US Senate hearings on Crossfire Hurricaine. What the heck is that? Crossfire Hurricane has nothing to do with the weather;  however, the operation resulted in stormy weather! Crossfire Hurricane was the code name given to the FBI's counterintelligence investigation into the Trump presidential campaign of 2016 and the Russian Government tampering... Continue Reading →

Why Riot?

I was going to take some time to make introductions, play a 'getting to know you' game or two. RIGHT! You have to have been living under a rock for quite some time not to notice that our country has been going through some rough times lately. First, the economy that was growing like a... Continue Reading →

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