Macy’s and liberal Mayors

Macy’s is relocating because two of their stores in downtown Chicago were ransacked while Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and rioters said that their desire for reparations drove them to loot the stores. Chicago’s liberal mayor did little. Also looted were Gucci, Tiffany, Best Buy, Nordstroms, Saks, Apple; to name a few.

When violent protests ripped across the country and people called upon mayors to restore law and order. Some mayors actually said that these were ‘peaceful protests.’ These ‘peaceful’ protests often destroyed black-owned businesses. Jobs at these businesses disappeared, and with them, opportunities for blacks decreased and salaries were reduced. 

Think; Seattle, Portland, Chicago, LA, New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Sacremento; what do they all have in common? If your answer was “They all have liberal mayors” you’d be on your way to sunny Hawaii on your all expenses paid trip now! I’m sure I could go on, but that’s just off the top of my head.

Because of the pandemic, mayors were called upon to make and enforce rules for their cities; ‘you must practice social distancing or you face consequences.’ In some cities, you could have your business license revoked if you didn’t social distance when you re-opened your business. For many people, this was their only way of feeding a family during the pandemic (.). But, rioters and looters who didn’t social distance and vandalized her own city were barely chastised by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Portland, OR has seen nearly 90 consecutive nights of riots. Nearly 60 calls to 911 there have gone unanswered by police, indicating how thin police presence is now. New York City (with liberal mayor, Bill DeBlasio) has seen murders, riots and he has defunded its police force considerably and some police seek early retirement. Their’s is a tough job, which when misunderstood and underfunded can have disastrous consequences. This represents a clearly unsafe situation in the nation’s Big Apple.

If there is a spike in Covid-19 cases in the next few weeks in these cities,  it won’t be because businesses opened too soon (after all, they were following CDC guidelines which had been put through a rigorous review process.). These same mayors will try to blame a law-abiding couple for going out to a restaurant or the restaurant owners themselves (which, I suppose it could have been but the chance is very minuscule), who all wore masks. They’ll even find a way to blame President Trump! But we all know better.

Rather, its much more likely that the rampant chaos, unorganized not-so-peaceful protests, lawlessness, lack of masks worn during this chaos on the streets and the spitting at police by thugs was the cause. Liberal mayors will be to blame for not shutting down the not-so-peaceful protests from day one! 

After all, police wrongdoing should be to the police Department of Internal, who will investigate, for if there has been a rogue policeman, they will root him/her out without risking needless disturbance of the peace.

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