Why do they riot?

I’ve railed about rioting before but this time I’m boiling over! This was MY city, my playground, and in a short period of time several blocks of Chicago were looted, reduced to rubble. How do people lose so much control that they loot? Don’t they know right from wrong? The basics about right and wrong are usually taught by parents, churches or teachers. After that, you either make a choice to do right or a make that same choice to do wrong. 

Someone tried to explain, “this was a peaceful protest gone bad,” but I’m not buying. It was organized and orchestrated and required professionals to disarm the sophisticated security systems of Tiffany’s, while different professionals breached the iron and guarded fences of the Apple store and Macy’s and still others paid to bail offenders out of jail. All of this cost money, making many suspect that this was much more organized than a few kids gone wild on a balmy summer night. 

Back to the subject: how do individuals lose so much control that they loot? They are enabled to act this way when mayors don’t enforce the law. This is more often the case in cities which have Democratic mayors. These mayors would rather be treated like Gods than respected by the people who pay their salaries. These mayors took an oath to enforce the law; but they feel that not agreeing with our president is justification for not enforcing it!

Under my watch, looters would be arrested and tried swiftly, and sentence imposed. A gal representing Black Lives Matter (BLM) said that the robbing of Chicago stores was justified because of reparations! What? There’s never justification for robbery. BLM was ‘started’ by socialists and a Marxist as a social justice movement and coopted by progressive liberals; when you’re progressive, which way do you progress? If you said further left towards Socialism and Marxism you’d be right.

This morning I heard something very wise from a very wise man. He said that we’re living in a 50:50 divided nation and he didn’t want to die in a 50:50 nation. This degree of conflict is exhausting’ said he; don’t you agree? 

I rather like life in a Constitutional Republic. Our Charter is the Constitution, not a socialist or Marxist government. Yes, we need to make changes, but change away from our roots with a new form of Government? No.

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