Harris/Biden Positions?

Finally, Joe Biden chose a Vice Presidential running mate: Kamala Harris is a Democratic US Senator from CA. The following is a brief summary of some of Biden/Harris’ positions:


Joe Biden has made no secret that if elected, he would raise taxes focusing on the wealthy. His plan would also raise taxes on the middle class and the lower classes, but not at so great a rate; but make no mistake, a tax increase would be in sight!

Biden’s tax plan funds the green new deal, a government run health care system, free college for all, free education from K1-K12. If his $ 4 Trillion tax plan were to pass, it would be the highest in not only US, but in world history.1


Candidate Harris is all for defunding the police.

Joe Biden has flip flopped on the issue and seems to have settled on a new position several days ago:  “called for more funding for cops, to handle the “God-awful problems” they face.”


Biden and Kamala Harris are for banning guns and Biden wants to attack the NRA, and eliminate assault rifles. That’s a recipe for disaster and lawlessness. Because the police funding has been decreased, eventually there will be no one to answer your 911 call and the public will not have the guns to protect themselves from the resulting chaos and lawlessness.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would ban AR-15s even though less than 1% of murders are committed using them. Semiautomatic handguns are the weapon of choice for mass shooting 3


Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have positions on abortion that I consider radical. For 40 years as a legislator, Joe Biden stood on the side of his religion and saw abortion as morally wrong. Not long ago, he flipped, began to support the Hyde Amendment and now, supports abortion up to the time of birth.

Theirs is probably one of the more radical positions on abortion, as they are both pro-abortion and Kamala Harris is a dedicated activist for women’s health and reproductive ‘rights.’ No one wants to prevent reproduction, people just want to make sure that women are advised of their options and as the Hyde Amendment specifies, no federal dollars go to funding abortions.



Biden and Harris are for mail-in voting. In mail-in voting, ballots are mass mailed to ANYONE on the voter rolls. There are potential problems with this, including the fact that many mailboxes are unlocked and that the voter rolls may still have the names of the dead. These ballots are delivered to the last known address of the dead and if the new resident at that address chooses to, he/she can votes twice. At times ballots are just left on a counter. This leaves the ballots for anyone to steal, sign and vote.

ABSENTEE BALLOTSAbsentee ballots are preferred. This is where you actually apply for a ballot to be sent to your address which is verified, and requires that you and give a valid reason (military service, just moved to another address, are homebound have great difficulty getting out, etc). The absentee ballot is the form of a ballot supported by President Trump if you can’t get to the polls, but it was announced yesterday, that on-site voting is safe if people mask and social distance as the polls are adequately equipped. This is the best route of all.

1 retrieved from the web on 8/15/2020 https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/504536-bidens-record-setting-tax-increases-will-take-your-money-and-your-job

2 retrieved from the web on 8/15/2020 https://nypost.com/2020/08/09/joe-bidens-doubletalk-on-defund-the-police/

3 retrieved from the web on 8/152020. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/fbi-more-people-killed-with-knives-hammers-clubs-and-even-feet-than-rifles-in-2018/

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