Which pandemic took my baby or did my own people take my baby?

Yes, in Chicago, there are riots galore. Are they in the name of Black Lives Matter?” Are 403 shootings since January 1, 2020 in the NAME of “Black Lives Matter” or are they really an excuse for rival gangs to get together and fight, to be violent? Granted rival gangs have a reason to be violent, but killing will not solve the problems brought on by their senseless violence.

Senseless? Yes, I say senseless because that’s what I mean when I see needless shootings of black children. 7 of those 403 deaths were children under TWO; they did not serve as much justification for my tears. But in the process, those deaths served as a reminder of my city, my town and how it used to be a fun and thriving town where I used to wander on my bike-and where I’m glad to have given up biking and gladder still to have moved away.

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