Police Brutality?

The Chicago mom weeps over the lifeless body of her 3 yr-old, accidentally shot when he was caught in the crossfire of mid-summer gang wars. That child was one of 3 innocent children who died in crossfire and it’s still 9 o’clock. Police brutality? No.

NYC gangs lit Brooklyn, NY. on fire and in our nation’s capital city, thugs attempted to topple Lincoln’s Emancipation Memorial honoring his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Part of historic St. John’s church was set ablaze. Do people take these actions because of police brutality? No.

These are the actions of an angry mob because, because, because…why? Just because they could. If you agreed with me that they were the actions of over-indulged bored thugs who also fit my description of domestic terrorists we’d get along.

If you felt that these criminals had no concern for the personal property of others or the business they burned, your beliefs likely wouldn’t differ much from mine.

When someone feels that police brutality is a problem, that person usually works to solve the problem of unnecessary use of force within the police department. Leaving a Mom to grieve the loss of her child does precious little to solve that problem! What is going on here?

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