Are People Crazy?

A flurry of emotions surround sane Americans when they heard of the mom who wept over the lifeless body of her 3 yr-old, caught in the crossfire of summer-time gang wars in Chicago’s projects. 

We are further numbed when gangs lit Brooklyn on fire and in our nation’s capital, thugs aim to topple the Emancipation Memorial statue of Abraham Lincoln-do they even know-or care-that ‘ol Abe wrote the Emancipation Proclamation. This Proclamation freed slaves from bondage to a human master ever again; granted, some very dark and sadder years were to follow, but there was a rebirth of our new nation that followed.  For this enormous contribution, ignorant thugs feel that Lincoln’s Emancipation Memorial must topple, too.

The post-civil-war years gave us Teddy Roosevelt, whose statue eventually became another target. Hero to many Americans, he saved our economy from a corporate monopoly; and that allowed the formation of a middle class in America. He also established national parks and the Food and Drug Administration. He was a prolific author and friend to blacks at a time when this was unheard of. Yet, thugs tore down one of the statues erected to commemorate his many contributions.

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) introduced a bill that would make lynching a federal hate crime, collect data on the use of force by police, and ban the use of chokeholds. But, Senate Democrats played politics with this issue and the bill died. 

All of us felt the pain and suffering surrounding George Floyd’s death and would if we could bear some of the burden. The anti-police violence protests, which originated with George Floyd’s death, quickly escalated to out-of-control riots.  

Perhaps the best way that we can make amends to George Floyd’s family is to fix the neighborhoods in Minneapolis where businesses were gutted by selfish rioters or care for Chicago’s 14 widows or widowers, mothers or father from this past weekend’s violence.

Instead of constructive actions like these, today Minneapolis’ city council voted to fast-track’ dismantling the police. When someone invades your home, is on drugs, and takes your daughter hostage-“who you going to call, ghostbusters…?”

I wept as I watched a ‘replay’ of Francis Scott Key’s Statue being defaced and toppled. When will this needless violence and lawlessness by misguided thugs stop? This has nothing to do with police brutality and everything to do with entitled kids who feel that it is their right to express themselves in whatever way they chose. 


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