‘Defund the Police;’ Accurate?

You heard a college-wide alert: because of city-wide sexual attacks, women on campus are advised to be on the alert for potential sexual predators.

Fast forward to Saturday night when you woke up to muffled footsteps on the stairs in the middle of the night. “That’s strange,” because your building is home to a bunch of elderly people who are almost always in bed by 10. ‘Creak, creak,’ as your apartment door opens; you feel the air move as the intruder winds through the convoluted halls of your apartment. You know those halls; that’s in your favor, but your heart skips a beat anyway. Grabbing your cell phone you tip-toe and your fear guides you towards the back door to the fire escape faster than you ever thought you could-toward freedom! Just in the knick of time… as you feel the tug on your hair. Too late, you’re free.

Whew! You dodged a bullet, but need to phone the authorities: who you going to call,  GHOSTBUSTERS? ‘911’ is no more an option

We’ve heard calls to defund the police; but by and large the American people aren’t behind that. Most Americans want the police to remain, but they’d like to see the resources allocated differently, with a goal to reform, teach, and support policemen as they do one of the most difficult, dangerous, and thankless jobs.

What strikes me as odd, is that many of the people who favor what they call ‘defunding the police’ can’t really say what a defunded police department might look like. Would there be no police? Would police only take phone calls and then dispatch trained community organizers? What would those community organizers do? What would they do if that intruder had been successful?

To me, defund, means ‘withold funds from’ so unless you’ve found people willing to enforce the law for free, there is a misnomer. Have the people who organized this movement thought the name ‘thing’ through? After all, if it’s a glaring misnomer to me, (and I think I’m kind of normal), it’s likely a misnomer.

There are people who have organized this movement who really mean NO more funds to the police and there are still others, more rational others, who believe that we ought to reallocate resources and include more teaching and training in their preparation.

Yet, there are still others, myself included who feel that this is an area we ought to increase funding for. We ask that these men and women do so much and give up so much and risk their lives every day to protect us. We must make their lives better and support them and if we sense that their direct supervisors don’t ‘have their back’, we must make sure that their supervisors pony up.




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