More cries: defund the police!

Today, I heard more ‘defund the police’ cries; I still can’t wrap my head around the concept. Anyone with a brain bigger than an amoeba would understand that we need a way to keep order, we need a way to enforce the law, and we need a way to make sure the establishment rules.

Alternatively, there have been calls for empathy and calls to ‘feel sorry’ for the criminal, calls to use social services in police training. While true, at the end of the day when you’re staring down the ‘muzzle’ of an AR-15 and a criminal holds your wife and child hostage, who do you hope is running up the back stairs; a community organizer with 6 weeks training in talk therapy, or someone with 6 years training in diffusing a hostage situation and someone who can shoot if it comes to that?

Who makes these demands? Not  people in underserved neighborhoods who want to see the police officers patrol more often. They couldn’t come from shut-in seniors who feel especially vulnerable.

It’s not likely that this comes from the adult home-owning population who own a residence, are responsible, and have invested a lot in that residence.

That leaves people with no ‘skin in the game’; people who lack the maturity to think this through, people who love to fight for a ’cause’, people who quickly hop on board and make trends.

Many of us have been there. We’ve gone to college, we spend some years in a cocoon and we come out, impressionable, thinking we own the world; it’s the other way around, but they don’t know it. How do I know? I was there once and I bet a lot of us were, too. We did some crazy things as youths that we’d never do now.

I’d make one (to me its GLARING) observation. Where were the passersby? Most motorists were probably gone in a second, but the foot traffic…OK, so Sally wall-flower didn’t step forward, but where was the BLM soul who saw what was happening and wanted it stopped?

There are a million more thoughts going through my mind and I hear that Seattle has been coopted by this movement.


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