We Will Get Through This

This criticism of President Trump is relentless and more than unkind. Our Constitution says that our leader serves for 4-8 years  unless not voted back into office after 4 years. Senseless criticism of our leader is tearing this nation apart; not his actions.

President Trump held up a Bible in front of the iconic St. Johns church,  One more photo-op, go countless criticisms.

Well, I don’t quite see it that way. To be small about it, do you think if it were a photo op, he’d scowl?

I see his presence at St John’s more representative of, ‘we’ll get through this with faith.’  It was a powerful image somewhat similar to when Winston Churchill when inspected the bombing damage, or  when Jimmy Carter put on a sweater during the time when he had called for and run on a platform of energy savings and George Bush threw out the first pitch after 911. George Bush wanted to signify that ‘nothing has changed-the US will never be kept down and will always come back stronger than ever!’

Donald Trump said “I am the President of law and order” we will not be overcome by looting, burning, rioting. That is not who we are. The rioters, looters will not prevail.  Faith will get us through.

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