Active duty military?

When do you say “Enough is enough?  You’ve had more than enough time to make your point, though in my mind and in the mind of many others, the fact that you didn’t have the discipline to stay within the bounds of civility tells me alot about your commitment to your cause.”

How much looting, rioting, property destruction death is justified? Is it ever justified? Is it determined by the validity of your demands? Who determines if the demands are valid and keeps the peace? It used to be the police or the mayor. But the police are now the targets and these crowds barely listen to the mayors anymore which is incredibly sad.

Aha! The governor will fix the problem, but in some states, the governor has tried to fix things and it hasn’t worked; so Friday, the President suggested that the governors call out the US National Guard: The states that have activated the National Guard so far are few: Minnesota, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, Utah, Washington, California, Tennessee, Missouri and Texas. Only these states felt that the National Guard was needed.

If the use of the National Guard is not enough, I would support using the military to quell this violence. I don’t think it would take much more than the military presence to send most people packing home, but I think it would send a clear message of “the party’s over kids and “we get it.”

“We really get it, and if you continue to riot and loot and pillage in spite of our ‘getting it’, we’ll forget to “GET IT” and you will have lost what you tried to gain.” “We understand that you’re not happy, but each day you go on like this is another day that we forget your message. Each day you go on like this is one more day that people in power think you’re serious about anything-and what started to be a ‘peaceful protest’ has turned into meaningless violence.

I’ve never seen so much meaningless violence in a ‘peaceful protest.’

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