Defund the Police?

I won’t post the horrific video of a homeless CA man who was attacked by a cyclist who threw flammable liquid and lit his lighter.  And there is talk of defunding the police?

I’m on the VOT (verge of tears) seeing my city, many cities in the country where residents are now victimized by crime: crime that has run rampant in the city. And there is talk of defunding the police?

So, talk of decreasing funding and support of the police hit hard. If there’s no police around when dad beats the crap out of mom; what happens to the kid? Who will respond?

A social worker to keep the mom and child, safe are worth their weight in gold, but immediately, the situation is hot and needs a bit more than what a social worker can provide. There is no negotiating or ‘talk therapy’ with a hardened criminal. Experienced police who can intervene with possible mental illness, drugs, homicide: THAT is what is needed. Let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that we can do without the police.

Let’s support the police and decrease the number of ‘bad apples’, but decreasing or eliminating the police entirely is not the answer.


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