Police Brutality

I just read of a white man who was killed by excessive force; police pinned him to the ground for 13 minutes as they held a knee to his back. All the while they mocked him. For 13 minutes they did this and laughed, they mocked him?

We all know of George Floyd who recently was the victim of police brutality and whom the police had on the ground with a knee in his back for almost 9 minutes, despite his pleas of, “please, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” which got more muffled and soft until they were extinguished altogether. His memorial service is today.

What are the similarities between these two?

Both men died at the hands of police, both were pinned on the ground with a knee to the back for extended periods of time, and police ignored cries for help. The crimes of each were minor and in Tony Timpa’s case, I could barely tell, but HE CALLED POLICE.

George Floyd’s crime was not much worse as he passed a counterfeit $20 bill. ONE.  Not a series OF counterfeits, but ONE twenty-dollar bill!

Differences include the length of time on the ground but both stays were excessive. But the most GLARING difference was in the response to these.


After George Floyd’s death, protests of rioting, burning looting, and violence as the National Guard has been called in to control riots quells riots in every large city across the United States

There were no protests after Tony Timpa’s death. After George Floyd’s death protests gripped the country. These were not the kind of peaceful protests Martin Luther King stood for. These were the protests of mob rule. What is happening in this country?

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