Crossfire Hurriciane

I’m just tuning into US Senate hearings on Crossfire Hurricaine. What the heck is that? Crossfire Hurricane has nothing to do with the weather;  however, the operation resulted in stormy weather!

Crossfire Hurricane was the code name given to the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into the Trump presidential campaign of 2016 and the Russian Government tampering with our election.

Crossfire Hurricane looked into associations with Russians, and who has connections to that Russian and ‘could they be a spy (which might be treasonous)’ or could they interfere with a US election so that a certain candidate prevails. Crossfire Hurricane findings was used as the justification for the Mueller investigation and the long-awaited Mueller report.

Not much of anything was found, in fact, a Big goose egg was what was found.

It confirmed that Donald Trump’s aide, Carter Page was surveilled, a man who was on his campaign briefly to provide intelligence aid.

It is in this investigation that the names of Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe became known.


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