A right (?) to be bad?

So true, how we line up like little marionettes and obey orders, follow rules. We do all the right things, the way they’re supposed to be done and we don’t question. We don’t loot or pillage.

But, others claim that they have a right to demonstrate for a cause, a right to free speech and so, therefore, their grievances are more important than yours.

At first, those demonstrations are peaceful; after all a man died, so they have a righteous cause to protest.

Yes, they have the right to peaceful assembly and peaceful protests. But somehow, those peaceful demonstrations become not so peaceful. In fact, I have never seen so much rioting and looting and spray painting during peaceful demonstrations in my life.

There is no apparent regard for authority. They don’t fear the law that they break-after all the police are busy with the flames that they fan by rioting.

Since May 26, 2020, these riots have been part of our lives. A very sad part in my estimation. A very sad part.


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