Why Riot?

I was going to take some time to make introductions, play a ‘getting to know you’ game or two. RIGHT! You have to have been living under a rock for quite some time not to notice that our country has been going through some rough times lately.

First, the economy that was growing like a wildfire was stopped dead in its tracks, then a pandemic hit us, killing over 100,000 US citizens. Many businesses folded and some will never be back despite the government’s help and still, others crept back and individuals lost their shirts in a big way. Not to say anything about the despair and depression, mental health issues resulting in drug and alcohol abuse resulting in altering the course of lives if not death.

Then people were just starting to carefully emerge from this viral pandemic. Slowly, ever so slowly they began to emerge, some having grown stir crazy in their cocoon, while others were getting used to their second womb. But bills needed to be paid and worked served a lot more purposes. We were on our way to a successful emergence from a shutdown.

That is if we hadn’t been interrupted by the killing of a man while police made a stop for a counterfeit $20, the killing/murder on camera for all to see, resulting in race riots across the country.

I’ve never seen ‘peaceful protests’ where policemen have rocks or other projectiles thrown at them, where buildings have been burned, stores looted and then burned, cars overturned and then burned.

I’m not going to show the pics of the violence. First of all, anyone with a television has seen these ‘peaceful protests.’ Thing is, I’ve never seen so many ‘peaceful’ protests which result in so much looting and burning buildings and overturned cars.

We have a problem on our hands which won’t go away by wishing and hoping. It’s an ALL HANDS ON DECK problem which must be solved or it could contribute to our undoing.




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