DC000E66-58F9-4A89-9982-45EB7E3CB3F8_4_5005_c It seems like an ice-breaker is needed; This is a good chance for me to say what I feel about the state of the world. Much of what will follow on this blog will be about current events and politics and social trends.

The name: ‘when pigs fly’ always brought on a fit of laughter. After all, a pig is a fat, filthy, hardly-streamlined, lard-filled, heavy animal. The visual I get of a pig flying through the air is more than laughable, The visual I get when I think of pigs flying brings me levity in a tough world and in these times, we need some levity. But, ‘when pigs fly’ wasn’t available as a blog name, so I needed to add another word to the name. ‘when MY pig flies’ was it!

llightI don’t intend this blog to be a boring saga about the value of sleep or how your life wouldn’t be complete if you don’t listen to the ‘drip,’ ‘drip,’ ‘drip’ of my nursing experiences until I bore you to tears or render you lifeless-whichever comes first!

I have things to say about other topics and I’m going to say them and I invite you to counter if you so desire-maybe we can solve the worlds’ problems. 

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